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Amsoil…Once A Year Oil change

A Standard 3000 Mile Oil Change
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Takes You From Coast to Coast.
Petroleum Oil starts breaking down the moment you start your engine.
Heat from your vehicles engine causes molecules that are critical for lubrication to break down.

I compare the molecules in petroleum oil to egg shells. They break down easily. Now you know why oil companies recommend 3-5,000 mile oil changes.
Change Your Oil Six Times A Year For $150…Or Once A Year For Under A $100

  • Amsoils premium signature series
    synthetic oil 5 quarts
  • Amsoil EaO oil filter
  • Preferred customer..$10 for six months
    purchase at dealer cost
  • $20 to change oil at dealership
    or repair shop
  • Total: $90 – $99 (ball park estimate)
    tax & shipping included.============
    Change your oil and filter today…and in 12 months…change the oil and filter again!  What could be more convenient and beneficial for your vehicle and the environment?

The Amsoil 25,000 Mile Oil Change
Amsoil WorldTakes You Around The World

Quality Oil…Always Cost Less!

I’ve driven my 99 Chevy van over 1.2 million miles changing the oil and filter every 25,000 miles. That would take you around the world 48 times. I’ve done the homework for you. No need for you to speculate whether or not the 25,000 mile oil change is for real.

The only issue you’re going to have to deal with is…the 3000-5000 mile oil change that is deeply branded into your mind. So…change your way of thinking. It’s been said…a closed mind is a great thing to lose!

Amsoil Synthetic Oil Molecules…Are Like Steel Ball Bearings

Amsoils synthetic oil can take the heat. I compare the molecules in Amsoil synthetic oil to a steel ball bearing. The molecules do not break down. That’s the reason you can drive 25,000 miles or one year without changing your oil.

Amsoil synthetic oil spreads a film of oil throughout your engine and transmission

  • Allows your engine and transmission to float on a layer of lubrication
  • Keeps your engine and transmission squeaky clean
  • Prevents sludge and varnish build-up
  • Allows your engine and transmission to run cooler
  • Increases fuel mileage by 4-6 percent
  • Increases engine horsepower by up to 6 percent
  • Eliminates block heaters…Amsoil stays fluid at -50 below

Petroleum Oil Starts Breaking Down…The Moment You Start Your Engine

Heat from your vehicles engine…causes the molecules that are critical for lubrication…to break down. I compare the molecules in petroleum oil to egg shells…they break down easily…causing sludge and varnish to build-up in your engine and transmission.

Now you know the reason conventional motor oil companies…recommend 3000 – 5000 mile drain intervals.

Keep Your Vehicle Seven Year Stats

210 Quarts Of Oil vs 35 Quarts of Amsoil

If you keep your vehicle seven years…driving 18,000 miles a year totaling 105,000 miles…and changing your oil (5 quarts and 1 filter) every 3000 miles…here’s the stats:
~ Oil Change = 42
~ Quarts of Oil = 210
~ Oil Filters = 42
~ Total Cost = $1134.00

By simply switching to Amsoil synthetic oil and changing your oil once a year for seven years…here’s the savings:

~ Oil Change = 7
~ Quarts of Oil = 35 … that’s 175 quarts less
~ Oil Filters = 7
~ Total Cost = $718.00 or a $416 savings

Amsoil Is A Roadmap…For Your Vehicles Health

At The End Of Seven Years…Your Engine And Transmission Will Be Like New!

At the end of seven years…if you decide to trade your vehicle …you’ll be able to hand the keys to the dealer or whoever is getting your car…and with confidence you can say…this car has had the best care money could buy.

You’ll know in your heart…the engine and transmission had the very best oil lubricating it…and the new owner can have complete confidence…that your vehicle will power them down the highway for years to come.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil Will Give Your Vehicles Engine And Drive Train…Better Performance…Longer Life And Dependability…and For You…A Fatter Wallet And Peace Of Mind!

Watch The Video…How To Order Amsoil Products At Rock Bottom Prices

Let’s Get Started … 3 Ways To Purchase Amsoil Products

1. You can purchase Amsoil products at retail prices by going to Amsoil on-line-store or by calling Amsoil at 800-956-5695 from 8 am to 5 pm Central Time…Monday – Friday. Thank you for using my ID#516778 as your referral.

2. Save 25% off retail prices…become a preferred customer … Cost: $10 for 6 months…$20 for 1 year (Canada $30). When signing up as a preferred customer…you’ll receive your own ID# giving you access to the on-line store to purchase all your products at wholesale. You can call Amsoils toll free ordering number at 800-777-7094 to order at wholesale.

Preferred Customers receive an information kit on AMSOIL products and the monthly AMSOIL Action News magazine containing powerful testimonies and updates about the Amsoil products. Thank you for using my ID#516778 as your referral.

3. Start your own business…Become a dealer … Cost: $30 yearly (Canada $45) … save 25% off retail prices…and share the Amsoil products with your friends…sign up Preferred Customers and Dealers under you and earn a commission off their orders.

When signing up as a Dealer…you’ll receive your own ID# giving you access to the on-line store to purchase all your products at wholesale. You can call Amsoils toll free ordering number at 800-777-7094 to order at wholesale.

Included in your subscription is a monthly Amsoil catalogue full of stories and powerful testimonies about the Amsoil products.

Thank you for using my ID#516778 whenever you order or signup.

Click Here To Look Up Your Oil and Filter For Your Vehicle

When you get into the “Application Guide”…you may need help. Call me. It’s very important that you get the right oil and filters for your vehicle. Once you have the oil and filter numbers…it’s easy to order your products online.

If you’d rather order by phone…call Amsoil at 800-777-7094 Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm CST.

If you’d like to order products at retail price…call the same number…or order online.

You can call Amsoil for technical support at 715-399-8324…Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm CST. You’ll need my referral# 516778. They too can help you match the oil and filter for your vehicle or equipment.

Happy Trails…
John Schlimmer 937-417-1127
Independent Amsoil Dealer …

Thank you for using my ID#516778 when ordering.

PS…Most Japanese models take the Ea15K oil filter…good for 15,000 miles. If you drive over 15,000 miles a year…change the oil filter…no need to change the oil until 25,000 miles or one year. European cars … oil and filter need to be changed at the recommended mileage by the owners manual.


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